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Adlane Fellah, Managing Director. Prior to founding WiFi360 the only content marketing agency serving the Wi-Fi industry, Adlane Fellah was the founder of Maravedis. A leading analyst firm in the broadband wireless industry. Mr. Fellah, authored various landmark reports on LTE, 4G, WiMAX, Broadband Wireless and Voice over IP (VoIP). He is regularly asked to speak at leading wireless events and to contribute to various influential portals and magazines such as Telephony Magazine, 4G & WiMAX Trends, Fierce Wireless,, to name a few. Fellah was a member of the Program Advisory Board for the 4G World conference since 2004 and an active member of the World Communications Association International (WCAI) and the European Broadband Wireless Association. Prior to founding Maravedis, Fellah held various positions at Harris Corporation in charge of market intelligence and business development. Mr. Fellah is passionate about best practices of marketing and technology.

2017 Cisco VNI Quantifies Mobile’s Growth and Wi-Fi’s Role

Cisco’s latest Visual Networking Index Global Mobile Data Traffic Forecast (2016 to 2021), cites Maravedis’ Wi-Fi research. We are proud to be participating to such a landmark forecasting mode. According to Cisco:

Mobile data traffic to represent 20 percent of total IP traffic—up from just 8 percent of total IP traffic in 2016.
1.5 mobile […]

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Cloud Managed Wi-Fi which Lacks Intelligence.. is “No Bueno!”

by Guest Contributor Koda Cloud

We appreciate Ruckus highlighting their concerns in the latest “Seven Myths of Cloud-Managed Wi-Fi” white paper. The point of view lacks Intelligence — AI that is. Ruckus is a great company, with great products and technologies, so we were puzzled by the “retrospective” on Cloud Managed Wi-Fi as the paper […]

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Convergence and Coexistence driving next generation wireless

As the wireless world prepares for 5G, many aspects of the next generation of wireless networks remain uncertain. However, there is consensus around one major change. The boundaries between licensed and unlicensed spectrum will break down. 5G will be bigger than one new radio, but will provide a migration path for all the current […]

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Guest Wi-Fi on the Move in Transportation

As the world becomes increasingly urban, densely populated areas will face dramatic and seemingly intractable transportation issues. Fifty percent of the global population already lives in cities and, according to the United Nations, that number will approach 70 percent in the next 40 years which will result in the acceleration of mass transit. According […]

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How Businesses Benefit from Content Insertion in Their Wi-Fi Networks

With Wi-Fi access to the Internet expected by users everywhere, wireless networks are now one of the most popular and important ways for enterprises to connect with their customers. Compared with other approaches towards establishing a contact and then building a relationship, Wi-Fi also has the huge advantage of being actively sought out by […]

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What Should You Look for in a Guest Wi-Fi Platform?

Guest Wi-Fi gives a business a better chance to attract and keep customers, by offering them the Wi-Fi connectivity they crave without compromising the security of the business’s own internal Wi-Fi network. End-user demand for Wi-Fi is high: consequently, there are many guest Wi-Fi solutions on the market, each vying for adoption by enterprises. So, […]

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The 5G vs WiFi False Debate

There is a growing number of 5G skeptics that are engaging on a 5G vs WiFi false debate concluding that 5G is not needed as Wi-Fi is available now and provides all that is needed. I don’t share the over-simplified arguments about 5G from of the old-fashioned WiFi vs 3GPP.
Now that 5G standards are close, we […]

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The Power of Wi-Fi Connectivity and Content Insertion in Theme Parks

Annual visits to theme parks worldwide are expected to rise to almost 1.2 billion by 2019, up from an estimated 985 million in 2015, and Wi-Fi connectivity is set to be a key part of the attractions. According to the Global Theme and Amusement Park Outlook 2015–2019 Report from IAAPA (International Association of Amusement […]

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