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Adlane Fellah, Managing Director. Prior to founding WiFi360 the only content marketing agency serving the Wi-Fi industry, Adlane Fellah was the founder of Maravedis. A leading analyst firm in the broadband wireless industry. Mr. Fellah, authored various landmark reports on LTE, 4G, WiMAX, Broadband Wireless and Voice over IP (VoIP). He is regularly asked to speak at leading wireless events and to contribute to various influential portals and magazines such as Telephony Magazine, 4G & WiMAX Trends, Fierce Wireless,, to name a few. Fellah was a member of the Program Advisory Board for the 4G World conference since 2004 and an active member of the World Communications Association International (WCAI) and the European Broadband Wireless Association. Prior to founding Maravedis, Fellah held various positions at Harris Corporation in charge of market intelligence and business development. Mr. Fellah is passionate about best practices of marketing and technology.

Real-Time Engagement with Wi-Fi good for business

Mobile devices are everywhere now and we use them all day long everywhere we go. With so much in-door mobile usage, venues and businesses have learned to make it as easy as possible for their shoppers and visitors to connect to their guest Wi-Fi. The opportunities in retail outlets, hospitality venues, and service locations […]

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QOS for Successful Converged Networks

Whether on cellular or Wi-Fi networks, customers want the best connected experience at the best price. They expect the same quality of service no matter what network they are connected to. Carriers need to respond to that fundamental requirement by implementing consistent quality of service (QoS) mechanisms across various networks in order to satisfy […]

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Ease of Use, the Biggest Driver for IoT

For vendors of consumer electronics including Wi-Fi enabled devices, consumer engagement is a critical issue. Lack of engagement leads to consumer dissatisfaction and vendor revenue shortfall. The recent 2015 Accenture Digital Consumer Survey picks out three principal drivers of consumer engagement that consumer communications, media, and technology companies should focus on:

Phenomenal customer experiences, […]

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Understanding the Value of IoT Analytics

The Internet of Things is vast. Vast in the variety of devices attached, in the amount of data generated, and in the potential for great business intelligence to improve how we consume and produce things. Who wouldn’t want to be able to turn off the lights at home while away, or leave it to their […]

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The Convergence Towards Spectrum Sharing

Why spectrum sharing?

Commercial access and use of spectrum has traditionally been authorized in two ways: either through individual licenses or in accordance with license exempt (unlicensed or ‘commons’) rules. It is believed much of that spectrum is lightly used or even not used. At a time when most observers believe people, organizations and businesses […]

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What is your guest Wi-Fi DNA?

I have been tracking guest Wi-Fi platforms for over three years now and what amazes me the most is that I still hear new names of solution providers to date. As if there is an endless supply of suppliers. Some sources suggest there are more than 40 vendors in the market, which of course […]

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Planning for Wi-Fi Spectrum Needs

The widespread popularity of Wi-Fi and the continually increasing volumes of traffic on Wi-Fi networks mean that Wi-Fi spectrum needs will need to be planned carefully over the next 5 to 10 years. The Wi-Fi Spectrum Needs Study Final Report was released in February 2017 by its authors, Quotient Associates Ltd, to the Wi-Fi […]

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The Importance of Simplicity in Deploying Guest Wi-Fi for SMBs

The increasing use of technology in the workplace has been a great boost for productivity including for small and medium businesses (SMBs). However, the reliance on an ever-changing technology is contributing to fast-paced work environments with more complexity, interruptions and multitasking. These job conditions are often associated with stressful work environments. To alleviate the […]

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