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Peter White - Wi-Fi Analyst and Co-Founder Rethink Research. Peter has been involved in technology for 35 years, and is now the Lead Analyst at Faultline, a digital media research service offered by Rethink Technology Research. In his work at FaultlinePeter has built an understanding of wired and wireless Triple Play and Quad Play models includingmultiscreen video delivery, taking in all aspects of delivering video files including IPTV. This includes all the various content protection, conditional access and digital rights management, encoding, set tops and VoD server technologies. Peter writes about all forms of video delivery is fascinated with the impact IP is having on all of the entertainment fields, and calls his serviceFaultline because of the deep faults which can devastate large established companies operating in the fields of consumer electronics, broadcasting, content delivery, content creation, and all forms of telecommunications operators, as content begins to be delivered digitally. Peter is currently advising major players and start up ventures in this field, and has both written and validated business plans in the area.

Qualcomm sees 200m WiFi AP revolution in US alone

Operators could double or even treble the number of devices in next-gen WiFi
4 US majors are about to go to market with aggressive services
It may trigger a patents battle and a dramatic reduction in retail WiFi devices

We suspect there is going to be both a patents battle in WiFi mesh software […]

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Mesh finally comes to Bluetooth with major upgrade in range and rate

It’s been a long time coming, but the Bluetooth Special Interest Group (SIG) has finally released Bluetooth 5, the new version of the protocol that brings significant range and bandwidth improvements, as well as the new mesh networking features that will allow Bluetooth to challenge the likes of Zigbee, Z-Wave, and Thread in emerging […]

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AirTies may become IPR business

It is rare that two sworn WiFi technology enemies, such as Broadcom and Quantenna, go ahead and license the same technology, but this week Quantenna put out a release which read very similarly to a statement Broadcom made a few months back. Both related to the licensing of AirTies’ mesh technology for operators.What lurks […]

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Why Comcast Charter may keep their powder dry through 2018

Charter and Comcast only get one go at this – getting on to an equal footing with AT&T and Verizon in cellular – so they plan to leave no stone unturned. However the idea that they will take seriously the fairly mouldy old stone of working alongside Sprint – not this time as a […]

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Celeno to steal first US deal out from under Quantenna’s nose

Israeli WiFi chipmaker Celeno, burst on the scene in 2010 when it got a boost from a China Telecom order for WiFi within its set tops, and it followed that up with deals at Deutsche Telekom and finally Liberty Global, before great rival US, Quantenna began to soak up tier 1 WiFi deals.
Both Qualcomm’s […]

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In-flight WiFi to spread quickly as costs come down

In-flight WiFi in Europe is an elusive luxury today, reserved only for the high-end airlines which charge top prices for the privilege, while WiFi on planes in the US is a much more common amenity. A report published this week by NSR Aeronautical Satcom Markets 5th Edition report.    claims that in-flight connectivity will […]

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Comcast, Charter cooperation on wireless could lead to so much more

We’re going to say it before anyone else thinks of it, just in case Comcast and Charter turn out to have the audacity to take a shot at it. Why don’t they plot to bring down and acquire Verizon, not T-Mobile US?
That’s right we’ll more or less come right out and say it. Comcast […]

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Mesh Wi-Fi Gaining Ground in the US

Mesh WiFi continues its invasion of US WiFi with a new deployment by Atlantic Broadband, the US cable subsidiary of Canada’s Cogeco, which offers TV, internet, and phone services to 246,000 homes in 5 US regions, which bills itself as the 9th largest cable operator in the US.
This is another Mesh WIFi US deal after […]

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