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Peter White - Wi-Fi Analyst and Co-Founder Rethink Research. Peter has been involved in technology for 35 years, and is now the Lead Analyst at Faultline, a digital media research service offered by Rethink Technology Research. In his work at FaultlinePeter has built an understanding of wired and wireless Triple Play and Quad Play models includingmultiscreen video delivery, taking in all aspects of delivering video files including IPTV. This includes all the various content protection, conditional access and digital rights management, encoding, set tops and VoD server technologies. Peter writes about all forms of video delivery is fascinated with the impact IP is having on all of the entertainment fields, and calls his serviceFaultline because of the deep faults which can devastate large established companies operating in the fields of consumer electronics, broadcasting, content delivery, content creation, and all forms of telecommunications operators, as content begins to be delivered digitally. Peter is currently advising major players and start up ventures in this field, and has both written and validated business plans in the area.

Arris pushed as one of favorites in chase for Brocade asset Ruckus

US cable technology firm Arris is in discussions to acquire a slice of the networking business from Broadcom’s Brocade Communications, and is willing to pay a sum exceeding $1 billion, accord-ing to Reuters. Could this be Arris admitting that the future of the set top is bleak, and wireless is the way forward? We […]

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Why we don’t think SON and WiFi have a great future together

Last week both Qualcomm and Quantenna have used the word SON, a convenient acronym stolen from LTE, in conjunction with WiFi. In our view, it is a misnomer and SON (self-organizing/optimizing network) should be left firmly in the cellular camp.

Quantenna has used this as its answer to total home connectivity, calling its software framework […]

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Altice pulls Cablevision’s Freewheel service and waits for real WiFi-First

Back in July, Cablevision announced that it would shut down its Freewheel WiFi-only phone service, and now it says that the December billing cycle will mark the last one for the offering. Hailed as a game-changer when it started operation less than two years ago, in fact Freewheel has been superceded by the growing […]

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Ruckus plus Brocade IP division could attract Arris, Cisco, Nokia, others

Broadcom, Ltd bought Brocade Communications Systems for $5.9 billion, giving the company a strong offering in networking storage business.While Brocade has a broader networking business, under the terms of the deal, Broadcom will divest the IP networking part of the business including Ruckus Wireless, a company Brocade just recently acquired.
Given the rapid converging of […]

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Qualcomm 60 GHz WiFi gamble is like an election – too close to call

If 60 GHz WiFi ever takes off, Qualcomm will find itself in one hell of a lead. And Qualcomm talked up this possibility at a webinar held last week by WiFi supremo, Mark Grodzinsky, Senior Director of Product Management at Qualcomm Technologies. There has been little news since Qualcomm added a bunch of features at […]

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Quantenna to raise $100m in long-awaited IPO, launches 802.11ax

The IPO for WiFi chipmaker Quantenna has been a long time coming and there were times when we did not think it would get there, believing that a cash burn which sent it headlong into a $79 million deal with a Russian bank in 2012, might mean that other funders were too shy to take […]

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Orange holds BandwidthX hand, as it steps out in Europe

News out last week that Orange made an investment in fledgling connectivity marketplace BandwidthX, signals that per-haps its services are now on their way to Europe.
News out this week that Orange is planning an investment in fledgling connectivity marketplace BandwidthX, signals that per-haps its services are now on their way to Europe.
The company came to […]

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Ruckus picks up a cool half a million hotel rooms for WiFi

Coming just two months after Brocade acquired carrier class WiFi player Ruckus Wireless, the company has landed one of the most prestigious contracts it has ever claimed, rebuilding all the WiFi at AccorHotels, the second largest hotel chain in the world.

Usually this type of contract is reserved for incumbent telcos, and we’re sure one […]

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