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ETSI publishes specs for spectrum sharing in 2.3/2.4 GHz band

Spectrum sharing will be an increasingly important aspect of the technology and economics of LTE and 5G networks from now onwards. However, two standards approaches are developing, one on each side of the Atlantic, which may cause regional fragmentation in future.

One is ETSI’s Licensed Shared Access (LSA), which has just completed work on its […]

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Real-Time Engagement with Wi-Fi good for business

Mobile devices are everywhere now and we use them all day long everywhere we go. With so much in-door mobile usage, venues and businesses have learned to make it as easy as possible for their shoppers and visitors to connect to their guest Wi-Fi. The opportunities in retail outlets, hospitality venues, and service locations […]

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Miracast, the CWNA and the Wi-fi Alliance

As a veteran teaching CWNA (Certified Wireless Network Administrator) I cover many wireless innovations in my classes. One of the newer technologies addressed by the WiFi Alliance is Miracast. The Miracast certification program started in 2012 and it is now offered in Windows 10 and on Android phones. So what does it do? The cool […]

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Comcast drops mobile bomb – Could rob 10m subs

• Comcast has been preparing Xfinity Mobile for the past two years
• It is a marketing tsunami set to take 8 to 10 million lines
• It claims its mobile deals are 13% below rival charges
Comcast has been preparing its Xfinity Mobile announcement for the past two years, so its launch has hardly […]

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QOS for Successful Converged Networks

Whether on cellular or Wi-Fi networks, customers want the best connected experience at the best price. They expect the same quality of service no matter what network they are connected to. Carriers need to respond to that fundamental requirement by implementing consistent quality of service (QoS) mechanisms across various networks in order to satisfy […]

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How will the IEEE’s WiFi strategy play into 5G?

5G Roadmap expected from IEEE before October
Expect the focus to be on Connectivity, Ubiquity and Verticals
802.11 WiFi standard evolution targets IoT applications
Seeks to broaden the 5G ecosystem

The IEEE (Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers) has been rather restrained with its public position regards 5G and the ITU’s IMT-2020 standards process, […]

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Ease of Use, the Biggest Driver for IoT

For vendors of consumer electronics including Wi-Fi enabled devices, consumer engagement is a critical issue. Lack of engagement leads to consumer dissatisfaction and vendor revenue shortfall. The recent 2015 Accenture Digital Consumer Survey picks out three principal drivers of consumer engagement that consumer communications, media, and technology companies should focus on:

Phenomenal customer experiences, […]

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Understanding the Value of IoT Analytics

The Internet of Things is vast. Vast in the variety of devices attached, in the amount of data generated, and in the potential for great business intelligence to improve how we consume and produce things. Who wouldn’t want to be able to turn off the lights at home while away, or leave it to their […]

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