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Hotels Turn to Guest Wi-Fi to Reduce Friction in Guest Experience

“Frictionless” is the new catchword in the hospitality industry. It describes a “home away from home” experience for guests when they come to stay. A 2017 HT (Hospitality Technology) research brief, entitled “Enabling the Smart Hotel Experience”, describes how leaders in the hotel sector are eyeing a swathe of opportunities to reduce friction with […]

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Digital Inclusion – Key to Prosperous & Smart Cities Edit article

At the dawn of the 5G and the Internet of Everything era, one would easily assume that most people are already well connected with broadband access, especially in urban areas. If things and clothes are becoming connected, then the large majority of humans must naturally be so already?

Apparently not, according to study published today […]

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Facebook and Google take contrasting routes to vast-scale Indian WiFi

In the early days of public WiFi, the Indian market was slow to take off because of regulatory and market obstacles. However, the mobile operators, and other providers, are now accelerating WiFi build-outs to serve the ballooning demand for affordable mobile data in Indian towns and cities.

WiFi hotspots and homespots are central to new […]

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3 Steps to Secure IoT for SMBs

We already know the scale of the various projections with billions of connected things ranging from industrial IoT to home connected devices and everything in between. This exponential growth brings its own share of uncertainty and risks. In fact, according to a recent survey data released by strategy consulting firm Altman Vilandrie & Company, […]

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Celeno to steal first US deal out from under Quantenna’s nose

Israeli WiFi chipmaker Celeno, burst on the scene in 2010 when it got a boost from a China Telecom order for WiFi within its set tops, and it followed that up with deals at Deutsche Telekom and finally Liberty Global, before great rival US, Quantenna began to soak up tier 1 WiFi deals.
Both Qualcomm’s […]

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Unlocking Interoperability for successful IoT Deployments

IDC predicts that the worldwide installed base of Internet of Things (IoT) endpoints will grow from 14.9 billion at the end of 2016 to more than 82 billion in 2025 . At this rate, the Internet of Things may soon be as indispensable as the Internet itself. Cisco has also put the value of […]

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EU wins approval to waste €120m on pitiful public WiFi

A group of European governing institutions have approved a pro-gram to invest €120 million ($134.7 million) in public WiFi hotspots in over 6,000 municipalities in all European Union member states by 2020. The WiFi4EU initiative, first proposed last September, is a stern disregard for recent history – which has seen the closure of almost […]

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The Promise of better Wi-Fi with AI

Artificial intelligence or AI for short has been described variously as a threat to humanity, a boon to economies, and many other things in between. All valuable technologies solve a pertinent problem. Until recently, Artificial intelligence (AI) and its favorite children, machine learning and predictive analytics, have had little impact on the world outside of […]

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