Business has only two functions – marketing and innovation.


Every program or campaign begins with identifying the client’s business problem. The PAIN

This alleviates the development of tactic-driven campaigns and ensures that all plans and actions are strategic and focused on the core pain.

Our core value comes from the fact that we are no ordinary content marketing agency. We live and breathe wireless and Wi-Fi with team members who are all veterans form the wireless industry and who are passionate about Wi-Fi. As a result, we understand your industry challenges and dynamics and are better suited to help you than a PR or a generalist content marketing agency, which needs to hire freelancers to produce relevant content for you. We have been producing research and content for the wireless industry since 2002 and some of our work include extensive  research reports, white papers, curated blogs, infographics and webinars for prestigious organizations including the Wireless Broadband Alliance, Benu Networks, Amdocs, Ascom, etc.

We hired Wi-Fi 360 to help us create useful content marketing, and promote our own in-house made content to generate quality leads and position Cloud4Wi as a thought leader in the industry. We were very happy with the quality and timeliness of the work as well as the support we have received. The team at WiFi 360 were very flexible and proactive!

Elena Briola
VP Marketing

Our engagement process is a 5-step process which starts with your business objectives and an assessment of your initial content and social media position.




This process will involve a discussion with your sales and marketing organizations to evaluate what has been done in the past in terms of custom research and content marketing initiatives and why those efforts fell short of your expectations. We would also ensure your content marketing objectives are well aligned in the organization.

According to the Content Marketing Institute, only those organizations who have a documented content strategy can be effective in their content marketing efforts. We thus help clients craft a solid content marketing strategy that meets their business objectives defined in step 1. More details are provided to our clients only

The marketing program is where we put combine our deep understanding of the wireless industry with the best marketing practices. Each marketing program is tailored to our customer budget and objectives. Our array of content marketing deliverables are explained in the content marketing kit available for download.

“Traditional marketing talks at people. Content marketing talks with them.”

We help optimize an engagement strategy that maximizes the feedback of your audience. Instead of just “pushing” content, we help measure and refine the level of engagement that the initial content is generating. Is your audience sharing your content? Are they commenting? Asking questions?

Our channels include mostly earned, organic and owned media to help our clients make a positive impact and achieve their business outcome. These include our high profile LinkedIn group with almost 2,000 members as well as our weekly Wi-Fi Newsletter and database of contacts as well as media partners.

ONLY 27% OF B2B MARKETERS say they are effectively tracking content utilization metrics

Content helps achieve business objectives, not content objectives. Creating valuable content is the means, not the end. However too often, content marketers tell themselves that they can’t accurately measure their results, or a tactic isn’t measurable, or that they don’t feel comfortable measuring content.

We use a series of metrics to help you measure the impact of your content and social marketing investment including:

  • Consumption Metrics
  • Sharing Metrics
  • Lead generation Metrics
  • Sales Metrics


Are you measuring your content marketing effort?