Celeno to steal first US deal out from under Quantenna’s nose

Israeli WiFi chipmaker Celeno, burst on the scene in 2010 when it got a boost from a China Telecom order for WiFi within its set tops, and it followed that up with deals at Deutsche Telekom and finally Liberty Global, before great rival US, Quantenna began to soak up tier 1 WiFi deals.
Both Qualcomm’s […]

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AirTies can finally talk openly about Sky-Q hybrid mesh

Bulent Celebi, the ebullient chairman of AirTies Wireless Networks, has been talking to us about proprietary mesh networks and powerline as a spare backhaul option in WiFi for so long, that it’s hard to imagine that we have never written about it. But it has taken this long for someone to buy into the […]

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Amazon enters WiFi chip business

Will sell Alpine processors, from its Annapurna acquisition, under its own brand for WiFi routers and other equipment
Ever since it broke out of its retail model to make its own mobile devices, there has been speculation that Amazon would go a step further and create its own chips, achieving Apple-style control over its designs […]

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Quantenna 8×8 chips aims at the world

Quantenna believes it has leveraged its lead in WiFi chipset design to open up a retail and an enterprise market for its chips. But more than anything, it’s new 8×8 MU-MIMO chip pushes its design lead in operator supplied set tops and home gateways – beyond the reach of Broadcom and Qualcomm-Atheros for the […]

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Qualcomm pushes home MU-MIMO lead with partner list

We’re a little baffled by this week’s announcements from Qualcomm Atheros about its new MU-MIMO WiFi chips, the QCA 9984 and 9994 as they seem to be very different from the chip that it has gone to market with back in Spring 2014.

We very much got the impression from speaking to Todd Antes, vice […]

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