Qualcomm sails against the tide with latest home WiFi chip

Qualcomm has taken the 802.11ac Wave 2 WiFi chips, which it launched precisely a year ago, and changed them radically, to offer a new ‘tri-radio’ architecture, supporting two 5 GHz connections alongside one 2.4 GHz band.

‘Tri-radio’ does not, at this stage anyway, include 60 GHz and the WiGig technology which inhabits that band. Qualcomm […]

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AirTies can finally talk openly about Sky-Q hybrid mesh

Bulent Celebi, the ebullient chairman of AirTies Wireless Networks, has been talking to us about proprietary mesh networks and powerline as a spare backhaul option in WiFi for so long, that it’s hard to imagine that we have never written about it. But it has taken this long for someone to buy into the […]

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Telefonica and Liberty take new approach to WiFi gateways

Fixed-line operators are increasingly using WiFi as a killer weapon to extend their multiplay bundles into wireless, and that means the WiFi-enabled home gateway is becoming a source of competitive differentiation. This has been seen especially in the US, but now it seems that Telefonica has taken the same approach as Comcast or Liberty […]

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Quantenna 8×8 chips aims at the world

Quantenna believes it has leveraged its lead in WiFi chipset design to open up a retail and an enterprise market for its chips. But more than anything, it’s new 8×8 MU-MIMO chip pushes its design lead in operator supplied set tops and home gateways – beyond the reach of Broadcom and Qualcomm-Atheros for the […]

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Mobile Data Rates – Hype v. Reality

On June 17th, the FCC announced their intention to fine AT&T Mobility $100M for allegedly failing to notify their customers that their mobile data rates were throttled to  about 500 Kbps after certain data usage thresholds (3 GB of 3G data / 5 GB of 4G data) were exceeded.  In this context, it was […]

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Qualcomm pushes home MU-MIMO lead with partner list

We’re a little baffled by this week’s announcements from Qualcomm Atheros about its new MU-MIMO WiFi chips, the QCA 9984 and 9994 as they seem to be very different from the chip that it has gone to market with back in Spring 2014.

We very much got the impression from speaking to Todd Antes, vice […]

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The RF Internet of Things

Over the past several weeks, I have been reading a prominent investor website that offers a mix of free professional and amateur investment analysis.

Perhaps reflecting the PC-centric world we are leaving behind, the general level of knowledge regarding multicore microprocessors, LPDDR4 SDRAM memory, GPUs, audio processors, image processor, video processors, etc. seems to be […]

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WiFi news at CES: Multiuser-MIMO chips and WiFi Aware

The latest WiFi Alliance certification program will center on WiFi Aware, which will enable device users to locate others nearby in order to join them in game-playing, business discussions or content sharing. That connectivity could take place over conventional WiFi or over the peer-to-peer system, WiFi Direct.

Similar ad hoc, P2P communications services are already […]

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