AirTies may become IPR business

It is rare that two sworn WiFi technology enemies, such as Broadcom and Quantenna, go ahead and license the same technology, but this week Quantenna put out a release which read very similarly to a statement Broadcom made a few months back. Both related to the licensing of AirTies’ mesh technology for operators.What lurks […]

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Celeno to steal first US deal out from under Quantenna’s nose

Israeli WiFi chipmaker Celeno, burst on the scene in 2010 when it got a boost from a China Telecom order for WiFi within its set tops, and it followed that up with deals at Deutsche Telekom and finally Liberty Global, before great rival US, Quantenna began to soak up tier 1 WiFi deals.
Both Qualcomm’s […]

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Qualcomm unveils pre-standard 802.11ax silicon

There is a pattern in the advanced WiFi chip industry, in which start-up Quantenna makes an early move towards a new standard, and Qualcomm follows hard on its heels. In October, Quantenna unveiled the first access point platform to support the upcoming 802.11ax standard, which will sample to early access partners during this quarter. […]

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Why we don’t think SON and WiFi have a great future together

Last week both Qualcomm and Quantenna have used the word SON, a convenient acronym stolen from LTE, in conjunction with WiFi. In our view, it is a misnomer and SON (self-organizing/optimizing network) should be left firmly in the cellular camp.

Quantenna has used this as its answer to total home connectivity, calling its software framework […]

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Qualcomm 60 GHz WiFi gamble is like an election – too close to call

If 60 GHz WiFi ever takes off, Qualcomm will find itself in one hell of a lead. And Qualcomm talked up this possibility at a webinar held last week by WiFi supremo, Mark Grodzinsky, Senior Director of Product Management at Qualcomm Technologies. There has been little news since Qualcomm added a bunch of features at […]

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Quantenna to raise $100m in long-awaited IPO, launches 802.11ax

The IPO for WiFi chipmaker Quantenna has been a long time coming and there were times when we did not think it would get there, believing that a cash burn which sent it headlong into a $79 million deal with a Russian bank in 2012, might mean that other funders were too shy to take […]

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AirTies can finally talk openly about Sky-Q hybrid mesh

Bulent Celebi, the ebullient chairman of AirTies Wireless Networks, has been talking to us about proprietary mesh networks and powerline as a spare backhaul option in WiFi for so long, that it’s hard to imagine that we have never written about it. But it has taken this long for someone to buy into the […]

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Telefonica and Liberty take new approach to WiFi gateways

Fixed-line operators are increasingly using WiFi as a killer weapon to extend their multiplay bundles into wireless, and that means the WiFi-enabled home gateway is becoming a source of competitive differentiation. This has been seen especially in the US, but now it seems that Telefonica has taken the same approach as Comcast or Liberty […]

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