What is your guest Wi-Fi DNA?

I have been tracking guest Wi-Fi platforms for over three years now and what amazes me the most is that I still hear new names of solution providers to date. As if there is an endless supply of suppliers. Some sources suggest there are more than 40 vendors in the market, which of course […]

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Planning for Wi-Fi Spectrum Needs

The widespread popularity of Wi-Fi and the continually increasing volumes of traffic on Wi-Fi networks mean that Wi-Fi spectrum needs will need to be planned carefully over the next 5 to 10 years. The Wi-Fi Spectrum Needs Study Final Report was released in February 2017 by its authors, Quotient Associates Ltd, to the Wi-Fi […]

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WiFi Alliance launches certification for precise location technology

Positioning a person or object precisely within a building remains one of the challenges of wireless communication, and can be essential to safety, as well as valuable for marketing services based around hyperlocation. Cellular solutions based on very dense small cells; and specialized technologies like UltraWideBand are among the options, and now the WiFi […]

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Arris to pay $800m to buy Ruckus from Broadcom/Brocade

As widely anticipated, cable supplier Arris is to acquire Ruckus Wireless when the carrier WiFi firm’s current owner, Brocade, is taken over by Broadcom later this year. Brocade/Broadcom will not quite get the $1bn which was predicted at the start of the year by Reuters sources, but it will get $800m for Ruckus, along with […]

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The Importance of Simplicity in Deploying Guest Wi-Fi for SMBs

The increasing use of technology in the workplace has been a great boost for productivity including for small and medium businesses (SMBs). However, the reliance on an ever-changing technology is contributing to fast-paced work environments with more complexity, interruptions and multitasking. These job conditions are often associated with stressful work environments. To alleviate the […]

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Cablecos, not MNOs, may lead the charge to fixed 5G

The cable operators in the US and some other countries have already highlighted the disruptive potential of a cableco armed with a huge WiFi network. Now those providers are getting into cellular too, and while Comcast and others may have been dragging their feet in bringing mobile services to market courtesy of MVNO agreements […]

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CaptiveXS Helps Businesses Take Control of Their IoT Security

The internet of things (IoT) has grown to a point where the entire world has become familiar with both its good and bad elements. Welcome to the era of the Internet of Things (IoT), where digitally connected devices are encroaching on every aspect of our lives, including our homes, offices, cars and even our […]

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2017 Cisco VNI Quantifies Mobile’s Growth and Wi-Fi’s Role

Cisco’s latest Visual Networking Index Global Mobile Data Traffic Forecast (2016 to 2021), cites Maravedis’ Wi-Fi research. We are proud to be participating to such a landmark forecasting mode. According to Cisco:

Mobile data traffic to represent 20 percent of total IP traffic—up from just 8 percent of total IP traffic in 2016.
1.5 mobile […]

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