Wi-Fi in Brazil, a Conversation with Linktel

Wi-Fi in Brazil, a Conversation with Reinaldo Rodrigues, Strategic Planning at Linktel


Can you tell us a little about Linktel?

Linktel Corporate has been licensed by ANATEL (Agência Nacional de Telecomunicações, the National Telecommunications Agency) in Brazil to provide telecommunications services throughout the country, offering of voice and data services mainly to the enterprise market.

We have […]

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If Altice Fails, What Options For US MNOs?

Most of the current speculation focuses on Altice and Charter, and the potential involvement of Sprint or possibly TMO. But there are many other permutations also being discussed:

Comcast could afford to buy any of the other MNOs in the US, but it has seen the risk of holding large amounts of debt when it […]

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Curated Wi-Fi, Going Beyond Connectivity

During the Pre-LTE days, the importance of Wi-Fi infrastructure was on the rise and that created opportunities for aggregators such as Devicescape and iPass to offer the broadest platforms to customers – from enterprises to cellular offloaders to Wi-Fi-first MVNOs.

There had been several deals to improve the footprint and ease of use of curated […]

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Qualcomm sees 200m WiFi AP revolution in US alone

Operators could double or even treble the number of devices in next-gen WiFi
4 US majors are about to go to market with aggressive services
It may trigger a patents battle and a dramatic reduction in retail WiFi devices

We suspect there is going to be both a patents battle in WiFi mesh software […]

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Small Cells Become Part of Wider Landscape

As the small cell market matures, there is the inevitable reshaping of the landscape. Spidercloud, the enterprise RAN provider, has been acquired by Corning, in the latest transaction uniting a DAS (Distributed Antenna System) provider with a small cell specialist. Spidercloud will become part of Corning’s Optical Communications segment, which generated $3bn in sales in […]

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Mesh Networks are on the Move

There have been recently a lot of announcements around improving the residential Wi-Fi play. These innovations are happening on two fronts. The first is better coverage through mesh networks or easier-to-add access nodes. The second is by offering network based services such as security or parental controls through Wi-Fi routers.

Mesh Networks in the home

Mesh […]

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Mesh finally comes to Bluetooth with major upgrade in range and rate

It’s been a long time coming, but the Bluetooth Special Interest Group (SIG) has finally released Bluetooth 5, the new version of the protocol that brings significant range and bandwidth improvements, as well as the new mesh networking features that will allow Bluetooth to challenge the likes of Zigbee, Z-Wave, and Thread in emerging […]

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Shopping Malls, a Fertile Ground for Guest Wi-Fi

According to the International Council of Shopping Centers (ICSC), there are over 200,000 shopping malls around the world ranging from less than 30,000 square feet to mammoth +800,000 square feet. Those are millions of square feet of indoor space welcoming hundreds of millions of visitors per year. No matter their size and where they […]

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